6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Emiliano García Galdeano said:

    What a wonderful thesis. Congratulations!

  2. Joseph Owen Dewey said:

    I am currently doing an article on Marjorie Shuler for the Dictionary of Literary Biography volume on women’s rights writers. I am trying to find a reliable year of death and place of death for Shuler. Can you please help me?? Any information would be appreciated.
    Joseph Dewey
    Professor, English
    Broward College
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

  3. Joseph Owen Dewey said:

    Any chance anyone can give me a lead on when Marjorie Shuler died????
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Joseph Dewey, PhD
    Broward College, Department of Literature and Composition

    • Hi Joesph,

      My dad said she passed away in 1977 as he had to leave college for a day to deal with her affairs.

      • Joseph Owen Dewey said:


        Can I check in with you over the next several weeks as I am preparing the piece just to doublecheck details?? That would be super–and you could read the finished product, no problem. The more I read Shuler’s writings, the more I think this article is long long overdue.

  4. Joseph Owen Dewey said:

    Any chance you might know the place where Marjorie died?? Maybe a date?? That would be great.

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